A Wooden Cage

Published on by Jennifer Potter.

Happy Halloween! Here's a short story I drew this month. It's a creepy fairy tale, inspired by Grimm stories. Between this and Echo's Rift, basically all I did in October was draw (well, I made it to a few movies), and I'm still kind of surprised I made my personal deadline of Halloween, tbh! But I'm so glad I did, aaaand I'm super glad it's done. It will be very nice to have a bit of free time!

Eventually I'll need a good home for it, but I'm not exactly sure where, so for now, it's here. If enough people like it, I'll try to do more stuff like this. I've got a handful of story ideas at the ready.

Oh, and apologies for the handwriting. I'm no letterer. XD

Without further ado:

Welp, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please consider sharing it. I'd really appreciate it! :D