Art Giveaway!

Published on by Jennifer Potter.

UPDATE: The giveaway is over. Here are the winners for the various platforms:

Instagram: Modzy78
Twitter: spectrumstungun 100: CJ Joughin 101: LazyReader 102: Ciara 103: BowenTheKotoc
Tapastic 100: maeleo
Tapastic 101: F4*
Tapastic 102: FluffyFae
Tapastic 103: Paul Salas

* Person has not yet claimed their print. If they do not claim their print by March 8th, a new winner will be selected.

Hello everyone! As you know, Echo's Rift just hit 100 pages! Wooooooo! In order to celebrate, and give back to YOU, the super awesome and supportive audience that has been coming along on this journey with me, I'm giving away some art! Yay! *\(^o^)/*

About the artwork

The artwork (pictured above) features our mysterious shape-shifting friend (will we EVER learn its name?*) just hanging out on E. Connery's journal, you know, mid-shift between rabbit and ya do. The artwork is limited to an edition of just 10 prints, created specifically for this event! Each print is 5x7 (art area is 4x6), printed with archival quality pigments on 100% cotton rag paper, and will be hand signed and numbered. I will mail the prints anywhere in the world!

How to get your hands on a print

It's easy, all you have to do is comment! Recipients will be selected from the comments section of pages 100, 101, 102, and 103. On March 1st, one person from each of the aforementioned pages will be randomly selected from the comments. Commenting on all of the pages will increase your chances of being selected, but only one comment per page is eligible. (It probably goes without saying, but comments must be PG.)

Recipients will be re-selected if 1, they were already selected from a previous comments section (no duplicates) or 2, they do not come forward to claim their print within 7 days. 

But Jennifer (you may be saying) that's only 4 prints and you said there were 10! To which I will say, look at you paying attention! Good job! Well, I'm going to do the same thing over on Tapastic! So feel free to comment over there (same pages) if you want to increase your chances! Aaaaaand I'll give another print away on Twitter and one on Instagram, so follow me there if you haven't already!

There you have it! Ten limited edition prints! Good luck and thanks so much for supporting Echo's Rift! :D